Senko Group's Domestic Bases (JAPAN)Business Locations


Customs Clearance Offices & Bonded Warehouses

We provide services associated with the bonded warehouse such as consolidated cargo service.

*A bonded warehouse is an approved place by the customs director for storage foreign cargoes (bonded cargoes).
Foreign cargoes can be loaded, unloaded or stored at the place in principle, the storage period can be extended for 2 years.
During that time, there are no taxes such as customs duties. Bonded warehouses are for facilitating trade and developing intermediate trade.

Senko Group's
Domestic Logistics Bases

Total storage area of ​​Senko's logistics facilities is about 3.78 million m2.
We have nationwide bases and build nationwide transportation networks.

The Senko Group's domestic offices boast a large area and build a transportation network nationwide.

Number of
Senko Group Own Trucks

Senko group owns 6,559 trucks and is increasing the number of trucks each year.
We provide smooth collection and delivery through building domestic transportation networks.