Business Guide

Ocean Freight Forwarding Business

Senko Co.,Ltd. has a worldwide network which has 33 local subsidiaries and 59 overseas business bases, and provides International multimodal transport services.

  1. International Multimodal Transport
  2. Coordination of your logistics (Providing optimum transportation modes)
  3. Accommodating a variety of transport modes such as FCL, LCL and ferry
  4. In addition to the five major ports, we can also handle regional ports such as Hososhima, Sendai, and Niigata.
Intermodal Freight Transport We provide transport services which meet our customers needs by composing of different means of transportation such as track and air from the pick-up destination to the delivery destination.
Just In Time Delivery overseas By collaborating with the Senko Group's distribution centers and partner companies, we provides services such as transport the required products in the required quantity, inspection and label pasting work.
Apparel Logistics We provide services such as inspection, meter reading and tagging overseas, and efficient and quality-preserving transport services.
Logistics Services For Heavy Cargos We transport machinery equipment and plant cargos while providing detailed process progress management and advisory services.
Logistics Services For Food We provide transport services that maintain the quality of food cargo.
We have regular mixed loading service of frozen foods.

3PL (Third Party Logistics) Business-Joint BID Operation-

Way of thinking

As an NVOCC, we will place a bid for ocean transportation on behalf of your company.

We will provide forwarding services on the base of operations decided by the joint BID.

  • Shipping company decided by the joint BID
  • Carrying out operations using NVOCC


We will make same proposal to other companies.
We will propose further cost reduction through joint bidding and flexibly set the operation according to the needs of each department of your company to reduce each other's business risk.

Air Freight Forwarding Business

We have started handling international air transportation.
As a global logistics provider, we will connect the world and provide one-stop services.

In the aviation forwarding business, we connect the world and provide one-stop services.

Customs Clearance & Drayage Arrangement Business

As an AEO Customs Broker, we perform high-quality customs clearance operations.
[Product Category] Chemicals, Housing, Mass-market, Retail, Food, Machinery, Equipment, Plant

Improvement of transportation efficiency through implementing a Container Round Use system

Container round use is a system that aims at the following effects by diverting empty containers used for import to another export without returning them to the port.

  • Improvement of the transport efficiency
    (Reduction of empty container transport)
  • CO2 emissions reduction
  • Alleviation of traffic congestion around the harbor

The container round use system is optimal for companies aiming for
"Reduction of time and effort to arrange for drayage" and
"Stable supply and cost reduction"

We will build the drayage service by SENKO group and realize the following.

  • Provision of stable transportation
  • Improvements of logistical efficiency working together with Senko group's bases

In addition, we are able to prepare special chassis such as low platform chassis, Motor Generator chassis, and dump chassis.

Number of Drivers104252
Number of Tractors103444
Number of Chassis21190211

Chain Stores Logistics

Preparation of optimal logistics solutions for customers in a variety of distribution industry configurations

CaseExporting of Japanese brands from Japan to overseas

The services we offer

  • Transport services from the pick-up destination to the delivery destination
  • Single point of contact
  • Utilization of Senko Group network
Product Line General goods, Food, Liquor, Cosmetics etc.
Number of items Approximately 70,000
Number of suppliers Approximately 300
Number of annual container handling capability Approximately 1,000

Housing Logistics

Senko group has top market share in the domestically and abroad housing logistics industry.
We realize high loading efficiency with consideration for cost through utilizing our cargo handling skills which have built up over the years.

Export caseExport of housing from Japan to overseas

  • Top market share in the domestically and abroad housing logistics industry
  • Realization of high loading efficiency with consideration for cost
  • All services (Packing, customs clearance, transportation and construction) are provided by Senko Group.

Import caseProviding optimal customs clearance and drayage according to the delivery destination

Annual number of containers transported through drayage
(Housing Materials)
Kansai 1,000
Chubu 3,600

Chemicals Logistics

Supporting the efficiency of chemical logistics by utilizing our long-standing know-how

Intermediate trade

Logistics that does not go through Japan will increase from now on.
We offer intermediate trade services.

Intermediate trade is "a mechanism for directly exporting cargo between foreign countries without going through Japan".
We provide optimal logistics services by cutting transport cost and lead times utilizing Senko Group's network.

Improvement of chemical packaging materials

By cooperating with Senko's Shoji group, we are able to propose a variety of materials and mechanisms.

Food Logistics

We provide consistent food logistics services (freezing and refrigerating logistics) in collaboration with Senko Group companies.

Runtec Co.,Ltd., a senko group, excels in the field of storage and transportation (consolidated delivery and charter truck delivery) of a variety of fresh foods and processed foods such as frozen, refrigerated and dry.
By using consolidated delivery service, it is possible to centralize delivery arrangements. In addition, it is possible to improve operational efficiency by consolidating bases by utilizing warehouses with a bonded function.

If you totally entrust your logistics operations to us, we will achieve "arrangemet of transportation and warehousing with optimal delivery date" and "provision of trace information in real-time" through collaboration between Senko group companies.

  • Unifying a window of arrangement of collection and delivery by utilizing consolidated delivery services of Runtec
  • Improving operational efficiency by warehouse consolidation (one base) management
  • Arrangements of transportation and warehousing with optimal delivery date by getting information of whole process
  • Provision of trace information in real-time

Equipment and Plant Logistics

Utilizing our know-how of equipment and plant transportation, we offer total optimization of logistics

We realize "Construction of optimal logistics scheme" and "Improvement of logistics efficiency from the customers perspective" by utilizing transport experience of equipment and our know-how, and provide total coordination from packing to ocean freight transportation to local delivery.

  1. Proposing high loading efficiency with an awareness of cost from the time of packing
  2. Achieving scrupulous logistics service from collection to final delivery by Senko group companies
  3. Abundant transport experiences of equipments

260 TEUs to Thailand/ 80 TEUs to China/ 20 TEUs to Europe (FY2020 our results of handling equipment transportation)